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Finding the Right Trajectory Finding the bulls-eye in my journey towards humility.  

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Are You Ready to Take a Leap of Faith The lone witness to the world record backyard motorcyle recounts his tale! 

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Recognizing Jewels Along the Path- How a little ole' brown door stop became one of my most treasured possessions.

Sanding Off Rough Edges- An E-mail to make you blush!

Sometimes You've Got to Take a Stand for Life- Figuring out how to get off this planet alive.


Chasing those Cotton Picking Rabbit Trails- Want to know, "What's up Doc?"


What Goes Up Must Come Down- Gracing the cover of 'Ignoramus Weekly'.


Sounding the Trumpet of God's Faithfulness- That's what we get for bringing a rock band to the nursing home.


Escaping the Vortex of Death- The way not to bring you fiesty sister-in-law down a peg.


Filling that Hole in Your Dash  - Maybe it was time to trade my old 'hooptie' in.


The Church Makes a Joyful Noise- Now that's the way it should be.


God's Not Asleep You Know- I've got a lot to learn about golf etiquette.


Laying a Foundation for Generations to Come- The day I almost busted a stitch on my frontal labotomy.


The Stuff from which Champions are Carved - Going into the wind-up gripped for a fastball.


Rising out of the Miry Clay  - It was kind of eery when that washing machine came bobbing by.


Preparing for the Game  - Shooting for that 10.3 minutes of fame.


Our Faith is the Victory that Overcomes- Somewhere an Angel winced.


Tip Toeing Around the Flames  - The day I nearly blew up.


Don't be Kissing up to the Devil- This will be chuckled about in the halls of club band folklore forever.


Don't Ride the Raging Seas Alone  - It looked like she was choking on a pair of pig knuckles.


Validating Our Manhood- My failed departure for manhood.


Sweet Lessons of Life - Mastering the art of inventory reduction.


The Rewards of Sacrifice  - Yee Dawgy, the Clampetts have come to town.


Humbly Pursuing Your Passion- Beavis and the Tap Dancing Grannies.


Christianity, It's a Family Affair - The last thing I remember is a chrome grill and the word "MACK".


Relax Kid, Have Another Popsicle, God Loves You- There's no better way to ruffle  feathers than to jump up in somebody's beak about how they raise their chicks.


Are We Still One Nation Under God- Have we reeled in a fish we don't want to eat?


Standing Upright Before God Part 1- I'd been hankering to join that upper echelon that boasts a piano in their cramped living room.


Standing Upright Before God Part 2- A lot of things get torqed and grinded in this story, especially my nerves.


The Escalation and Richochet of Sin  - BOOM BOOM BOOM... about eight rounds in all.


Hitting the High Notes in Life - It's time to rattle those stain glass windows again!


Take Your Lines from the Good Book- Little Joe takes on Hoss in this wild Bonanza.


Don't Drag Old Glory Through the Mud - Heath and I were revving those rpm's right off the gauge again.


Learning to Groove to the Beat of a Different Drummer - We were like a bootlegging band of GhostBusters gone bad!


Did You Think You Were the Only One with Problems?-Losing that steeple people exterior.


Don't Build Your Life of the Loose Gravel- Take it from a man who's seen the reaper's blades up close.


Stealing a Few Parenting Techniques from the Bible- Well, if you've just got to steal something...


It's Best to Shoot Straight with God –  The story of how I acquired my new Browning rifle has become legendary around the office.


Hitching Up to a Divine Plan A side splitting lesson in the laws of physics in this tale of a boat, a B210, and a trailer hitch.


Every Man is Right in His Own Eyes I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken.


Living Life outside the Limits I guess some people just don’t take the word “no” very well.


Letting Your Light Shine for Christ Snakes or no snakes, somebody’s got to brave the darkness.


Finding Peace in this Three Rind CircusDon’t be clowning around, we need more than good intentions.


What's in a Name? Finding Yourself in HimGazing into the eyes of Jesus.


Not Perfect, Just Forgiven Looking back I’m sure glad I survived my ride with the killer pimp.

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Fishing with the Light of the World Other’n the low hum of that nuclear reactor running our force field, it looked like it might be a quiet night. 

It Takes a Real Dummy to Be a Know-it-all -I guess you could say my whole snow skiing experience went downhill from there.


Getting the Last Laugh   Here we go, back up the creek without a paddle!

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Just Preaching, or Telling the Truth? The tale of the real Waffle House shuffle.


Flirting With Disaster, Don’t Do It Sure, it’s a lot of fun while you’re still in the flirting stage.


Playing the Hand you’re dealtLearning to celebrate my un-swooftness.


Keeping an Attitude of Gratitude – Adventures of the human shish kebob.


Training Up a Child in this DayCheap babysitters- You get what you pay for.


The Miracle of Life and Labor of Love A report from the delivery room.


Setting Sail for the Promised Land  No Longer sailing under the skull and crossbones.


Getting Lost of the Ego Trip to FamesvilleElvis, my momma, and the law suit that should have been.


The Zeal that Sets a City on a HillSnapshots from a fourth grade photographer.


Jesus Asked, “Who do you say I AM?”Nothing like a good shotgun blast to jar you back to reality.


Finding the Right TrajectoryFinding the bulls-eye in my journey towards humility.


Power, Love, and a Sound HaircutA little old reverse Mohawk is nothing to be afraid of.


Unanswered Prayers, Thanks for Nothing  Walking away from the scrap heap of our own will.


Confession, a New Lease on Life– ‘You promise you won’t tell momma?’ and other stupid questions.

Matters of Life and Death Belong to the Lord-  As I meditated on the enormity of that thought...

Playing on God’s SquadHow the Ace became the King and wound up playing the Joker.


Laughing in the Face of AdversityA story that really gets in the Blood.


Becoming the Master’s NegotiatorWhy I deserve some sort of copyright on the phrase “Deal, or no deal”.


Running a “G” Rated Race Find out what God can do with a pack of weenies.


Walking Humbly with Your God  Don't come along on this ride with ‘Drunken Yee-haw Man’.


Exposing the SecretSome things  you just can’t hide.


Getting Out of the “Tired” BusinessThere’s a sucker born every minute!


Whose Training WhoThe legend of the back-stroking Labrador.


Let God Take Center StageTickling the fancy of a fickle crowd.


A Tangible Reflection of God’s LoveLet me show you how to go out on a hot date without your wife getting mad.

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Finding the Path to a More Abundant LifeYou talking about a close call. I could have been thawing out by the fires of hell that day.


Merry Christmas from the One Who Hung the Stars– Come on, let's get the Christmas spirit here. 

Christmas Love is the Best Part to PlayThe day I got floored by a kindergartner.


The Truth Behind the Preaching -    How little Jimmy bridged the gap between time-out and glory.


Thank Goodness for the Life Preserver- Experiencing the thrill of the fall.


Getting to the Heart of the MatterMy first run-in with a septic tank.


A Friend that Sticks Closer than a BrotherAdmittedly, I did add, “Oh, and biggie size it.”


Not Just Taken Along, Taken InForget the Captain. What about when Gilligan met Colonel?


For God So Loved the WorldUshering hungry hearts to the throne of God.


Taking the Time to Do Things RightI've often put the IGG in iggnert, but this time I showed patience and came away with the prize.


Finding Life’s True Treasure– This search for true treasure is filled with more intrigue and treachery than I dare disclose.


The Stress of a 100 MPH Job– Some people just can’t wait to get to work.


Fishing Can be an Eye for an Eye PropositionLearn to turn the other cheek in this hilarious bass fishing story.


What’s Got Your FocusHelping somebody on the way up.


Grave Matters, and the Hope Beyond- Painting a beautiful picture of Jesus’ triumph over death for those who have lost a loved one.


Just Keeping it RealFind out the origins of the phrase “But Anyway”.


The Power of the ClipboardSomebody call ESPN, this could go down as one of the best coaching turnarounds of all times!


Tossing Out that Smelly ShoeYeah, everything’s really funny until something starts stinking.


You Can’t Steer a Parked CarGet those engines started. We’ve run under caution for too long!


Falling in with a Rag Tag BunchDon’t cross this shaky bridge or you will come back a little worse for wear.


Breeding the Desire to Win –Terrible tantrums of Testosterone fly in this humorous and inspirational tale.


Make Sure God is at the ControlsIf God is your co-pilot I would seriously suggest switching seats!

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